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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Like Mother, Like Daughter

I'm really going to miss Sara!  She's been our most photogenic cow, and she has tons of personality!  Fortunately, Siobhan has tons of personality, too, and a much better temperament.  I was watching Siobhan and Macree in the barnyard this evening, and what popped into my head was: "Like mother, like daughter!"

Before I share today's photos, here are a couple of older ones to show you what I mean.

Sara is always the first one galloping ahead into a new pasture.  Like mother . . .

... like daughter.

When Sara is excited about changing pastures, she leaps and bucks.  Like mother . . .

... like daughter.

Sara has a funny habit of picking up her food bowl when it's empty . . .

... and tossing it.

Like mother . . .

... like daughter.

There's one major difference between Siobhan and Sara.  Sara would never have shared her feed tub with Siobhan like Siobhan shares with Macree!

But that blissful, eyes-closed in delight with their food?  Like grandmother, like mother, like daughter!


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