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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hello, Cash; Goodbye, Cash

Last Thursday I groomed the horses to get all the burrs out of their manes and tails and then turned them into Kara's Pasture with the cattle for the first time in quite a while.  

"Hello, Cash!  Let's run!"

Cash came galloping back towards me to find Siobhan and Macree, who had stayed behind.  He's such a sweetheart, my heart didn't accelerate a bit as I saw a bull thundering toward me.  That's because Cash is really a pussycat wearing a bull hide!  Notice the nice new halter that I put on him a couple days ago after he lost his somewhere.  That's my kind of bull--one you can walk up to and put a halter on without any trouble.

Meanwhile the horses were enjoying a couple of circuits around the pasture.  As usual, Julie was leading the pack with Brandy a close second . . .

... while Angel was way behind "just like the old cow's tail."  Cash's shorter legs were satisfied with a shorter run.

Then on Sunday it was time to say, "Goodbye, Cash."  Our lease was up and he had to go home.

We took the trailer down the hill into Kara's Pasture and called Siobhan.  Thinking we had food, she soon appeared with Cash and Macree not far behind her.

To our dismay, Cash appeared without his halter.  A halter is a fairly essential piece of equipment when tying a bull in a trailer.

So we wandered all over the entire, huge pasture looking for the halter, paying special attention to shady areas where we could tell the cattle like to rest.

After about 15 minutes, Herb found the halter in the creek bed.  Once again, it was a simple matter to slip it on Cash.  The two inches of rain on Saturday had apparently caused the halter to stretch, making it easy to rub off.

Our usual pattern is that I lead Macree and Siobhan away for milking.  I've never come and taken Cash away, so they knew something was up.

They followed all the way to the trailer, and I had to make sure they didn't follow Cash in.

Goodbye, Cash!  We are really going to miss you!  You can't even imagine how much Macree, your shadow, is going to miss you!  And I'll tell you just how much Mr. Herb will miss you.  He said, "Cash is such a nice bull!"  And when I mentioned something about maybe getting a bull of our own some day, he didn't say a word.  (That's good!)  No more vowing "I will NEVER have a bull!"  I think you just might have made a believer out of him, Cash.  That makes you one amazing ambassador for Dexter bulls!

We're glad your new home has lots of cows waiting for you and we hope you have a wonderful life there!


  1. Nice family of cows!! Bye-bye, Cash!
    Timely post for another reason--such a sweetheart, . . . a bull thundering toward me, . . . Cash is really a pussycat, etc. We studied . . . (drum roll) . . . metaphors today! Thanks for the examples!


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