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Thursday, May 9, 2013

It's Good to Touch the Green, Green Grass of Home

A little over a week ago, I got a phone call that our daughter Jenny had dislocated her right shoulder.  Was she doing something brave like diving in front of a speeding train to rescue a stray dog?  Or was it a patriotic war wound sustained in the defense of her nation?   Neither, I'm afraid!  It happened when she tried to hit her husband with a throw pillow!  (Although I guess a wound received in starting a pillow fight could possibly be considered combat-sustained . . .)

As a good mother, what did I do?  Did I tell her to pick on someone her own size--or at least aim better?  I did not!  I hopped in my car and drove to Ohio to help with cooking and cleaning and driving.

Tuesday I drove back home and arrived in the late afternoon to a warm welcome from Misty, Zephyr, Hero and Herb, in that order.  (In Herb's defense, he was in the office.  The dogs were all in the driveway.)  After patting, hugging and kissing everyone (depending on their species and hairiness), the first thing I wanted to do was go out and see all the animals.  Here, for your enjoyment while you read, is an oldie-but-goodie about how good it is to come home.

Elvis - The Green, Green Grass of Home

Here's my welcoming committee trying to get their act together.

We'll just have to settle for three out of four.

The turkeys (in front) have obviously abandoned their suicidal behavior and begun to grow and get more feathers.  The keets (hiding in back) are just as shy as ever, but much bigger and more guinea-shaped.

The barnyard gang is enjoying a bit of grass that has bravely raised its head.

As soon as they heard us come outside, the Home Pasture gang began clamoring for food.  They make quite a racket of "mwak, mwak, mwak, mwak" from Ping and "baa, baa" and "bleah, bleah" from Rambo and Obama.  It truly does sound like one of the wethers is turning up his nose at something, saying, "Bleah!"  It must be the nice, green grass because it sure isn't the chicken crumble!

Walking through Kara's Pasture I was greeted by a cluster of daisies under a cloudy sky, promising more April showers and more May flowers after the 4+ inches in the past few days.

The creek is running full coming in from the hunting preserve to join the pond overflow.

Sara and Siobhan were over by the cabin when they saw us coming.

Siobhan came hurrying to greet us, already licking her lips in anticipation of treats.

The horses came to meet us at the electric gate, but when Brandy shooed Julie away to a respectful distance . . .

... it turned into a mad gallop around the pasture.

While Herb started the grill to cook us some lovely grass-fed steaks, I went out to enjoy the heavenly evening light that sets everything aglow for just a few moments.

Carpe diem.  


  1. Wow, gorgeous pictures! And I love your sense of humor in the first few paragraphs! LOL! I'm still grinning! :D

  2. Thanks, Carrie! I'm glad I made you smile. I hope Jenny agrees, bless her heart! :)

  3. It looks lovely out there. But those horses look nuts. Do they break fences?

    1. You made me laugh, Brent! No, they don't break fences, but the deer have done. They love a good race, but they know where the fences are and turn in time. Sometimes they make a couple rounds of the pasture, and sometimes half around is enough. Fortunately, they don't act like this under saddle! :)

  4. Oh, Susan, you are so funny--but I am glad to hear Herb was NOT out in the driveway barking a welcome when you drove up! I love the photo at the top of your blog!

    1. I'm glad I could make you laugh! Yes, I would have been worried if Herb was out in the driveway barking a welcome! Although I may be barking a welcome at him when he gets home because I'm coughing from a double dose of allergens and sounding a big hoarse. Oh, wait, then I guess I would be neighing a welcome! :D

      I'm glad you like the photo. Jenny has mentioned in the past that it would be nice if the tiny photo were bigger. So while I was up in Ohio, Jean-Marc got on his computer and figured out how to do it. Such a smart son-in-law! Now that he shared his trade secret with me, I thought it would be fun to change the photo occasionally and try to use one that's seasonally appropriate. So give the credit for the new look to the team of Jenny & Jean-Marc!


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