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Monday, April 29, 2013

Talking Turkey

Our keets and turkey poults are getting in some practice flights in the brooder house.  Only the keets showed off today (mainly because they're more timid and want to stay away from me), but the turkeys fly all over when they want to.

The keets like to sit on top of the brooder box--warm toes, I guess.

When I get too close, one takes off . . .

Misty waited outside the brooder house for me to finish feeding.  She's a very patient dog and goes through life in a very zen way, strolling majestically,  gently biting Zephyr on the scruff of the neck to stop her when she's barking, never hurrying when she's called.
Misty followed me down to the mailbox to get the morning paper and waited with me while I admired the view.

Something caught her attention, and she began strolling toward the fence between the orchard and the pasture.

Suddenly the zen-like attitude disappeared as Misty broke into a run and a pair of wild turkeys burst into flight.

Misty did her best . . .
. . . but they escaped unscathed.  Now if she'll only do like that with the hawk I've seen hanging around.  She knows who belongs here and who doesn't!
The wild turkeys duly vanquished and the newspaper in hand, Misty and I headed back up to the house, all nice and zen again.


  1. I turned off Google+ because it was keeping some of my favorite and most faithful readers from commenting! Sorry, Google+ readers, but when Google makes it more friendly for others to play on the playground, I'll play Google+ again!

  2. That's a neat shot of Misty and the turkeys in flight! Your last photo invites one to follow the track and see where it leads. . . .

    1. Welcome back, Barbara! :) I'm glad I had my camera so I could share this view you don't see here very often.


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