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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bevis and Butt-Head

I looked out the study window this afternoon and saw that someone is enjoying the freezing weather!

I can't say if our Home Pasture reflects the state of things in Washington, D.C., but it looks like Obaama got the upper hand here.  You can gauge his progress by the dark green clump of grass in the foreground.  Unlike polls, there's no margin of error in a clump of grass!


  1. Obaama won! Yeeks! At least you're gonna eat him before too long. ;)

  2. Obaama won! Yea, the majority want him to win, the other one should get eaten first.:)

  3. It looks to me like my readers have it at 50/50. I won't weigh in on this one except to say they will both go to the butcher at the same time--and once they're in the freezer we won't know who's who! I guess the only way we'll know is after eating some lamb whether we start acting like commandos or butting every Republican we see. :)

  4. "butting every Republican we see. :)" HAHAHAHA!!!

  5. And you haven't even eaten Obaama yet! :D


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