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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sheep May Safely Graze

Harpist Helen Maxwell has a heavenly version of this Bach cantata on YouTube.  Enjoy it while you read.

This is the sight that greeted me this morning as I looked out the back door.  Misty successfully spent her first night in with the sheep--and they are already friends!  That's Obaama, barely visible right next to Misty.  It looks like she has overcome their suspicion.  Way to go, Misty!

Yesterday they were enjoying the shade of their serape awning, but this morning it was chilly enough that they were glad to soak up some sun.

Even though they both stand up when I get near--just in case they decide to run--they're very calm. They've settled in nicely to their new home.
Such a sweet face!

Ping is so glad for the company!  Rambo (at left) is a little bigger, and Obaama (at right) is a little shyer.  He's wearing a DE moustache from licking the pan of DE with a tiny bit of salt and feed mixed in.

It's such a relief to know that, thanks to Misty's presence, our sheep may safely graze through the night.

Sleep tight, sheep!


  1. The sheep do look cute Susan. What do you plan to do with them, are you going to make lamb chops or are you raising them for the wool? My wife wants to spin her own wool so when we start to farm we will have a few head as well. They will also fit into the rotational grazing plan we want to do, we will have them follow the cattle in each paddock.

  2. They are cute, Gordon. And then if you look closely, they look weird with their eyes so close to their ears. Maybe I'm just used to horses and cattle! They will be lamb chops. :( I almost named them Curry and Souvlaki, but stuck with my theme of famous people. I do hope Mr. President is not offended! :) Our daughter's interested in the wool. I'll have to figure out how to get it off first! So far we only have this paddock which is fenced well enough for them, so not ideal, but we have plans for another one that will be sheep and small-Dexter-calf safe--also, accessible to the barnyard so it's a good place to keep a milk cow.


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