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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Neither Snow nor Sleet nor Hail nor Rain

We've had a little bit of everything the weatherman could throw at us today:

It started snowing at 12:25 this afternoon--great big giant flakes, but they didn't bother Misty.

It came down so heavily that it obscured our road.

Out back, everything beyond the trees at the property line disappeared.

After about 20 minutes the snow lightened, and suddenly we could hear the hissing sound of sleet hitting the deck and windows.

Meanwhile, the horses decided to have some fun.  I looked out and saw Brandy chasing Julie around the barnyard while Angel mostly stayed out of the way.  After a couple of pretty amazing hind end kicks where Brandy actually kicked her way backwards toward Julie, I yelled at her to stop.  My voice got everyone's attention, but it didn't take long for Julie to make a move towards Brandy.  At that point I figured she deserved what she got, and I came back inside where it was warm.

A couple of hours later, most of the snow is gone since it turned to rain and got washed away.  We already had 9.75" of rain in January--I wonder how much we'll get in February?

But it doesn't matter--neither snow nor sleet nor hail nor rain will keep me from being glad to be home! So bring it on, February!

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