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Monday, February 18, 2013

A Sunny Sunday Stroll

Our sunny Sunday stroll with Monique and the kids began as a race, slowed to a stroll, turned into a bush-whack when Charis wanted to go cross-country, and ended up as a portage when both kids ran out of steam.  There's nothing like young children to give you a change in perspective, looking at things through their eyes.

Three gears, fast . . .
faster . . .
and four-wheel drive.
"Go with Didi."
Take time to smell the flowers.

Spread the joy--share with Mama and Mimi.
Another gear, tow-haul mode.
Everyone gets a turn.
Detour while bush-whacking.

Check out everything!
Get a stick like Mimi's and keep it away from Zephyr.
If you speak softly and carry a big stick, Zephyr will go after it!

Now it's time to go home and take a loooong nap!

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