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Friday, November 2, 2012

Look Who's Back--The Leader of the Pack!

Mitch from Bickett Genetics called the other day and said Sara preg-checked positive and could he bring her back to us because they need the space for a sale?  I said sure, knowing Herb wouldn't mind one less thing to do.

So here's Sara, back home and bred to Serenity Oak Farm Taco (who is actually deceased).  Ah, the wonders of AI!  He was a great bull, and we can expect a really nice calf.  We had originally gotten two Taco straws to breed Siobhan, but when the first didn't take, we decided live cover was the best way to go for her, and we took Sara to Bickett Genetics to have them use the remaining Taco straw for her.

At first I had hoped to keep Sara with the horses so T-Bone could get more grass and more hay, but he wasn't having it!  He bellowed and bellowed until we put Sara in with him and Siobhan.  It's funny to see that (without the horses around to take over the top of the pecking order) Sara is indeed the Leader of the Pack.

Being away for two months didn't make her forget her favorite scratching post, compliments of Chickamauga Telephone.    Watching her makes me think of "The Hokey Pokey" . . . "and you shake it all about."

You get your right ear done,

You get your neck done,

You get your left ear done (while keeping an eye on the humans),
You get your jawbone done,

And you don't forget that little curl right in the middle of your forehead!  In between taking pictures of Sara, I obliged Siobhan with a chin and neck scratch since her mama was hogging the guy wire.

We wanted to see how much hay the cattle have eaten, so we headed over to the run-in shed.  This time Siobhan took the lead, galloping after us with T-Bone and Sara right behind.  You never know--we might be good for something yummy!

We weren't, so the cattle decided to eat some hay.  Once again Sara is Leader of the Pack with poor T-Bone a distant third.  (Note the difference between him and Siobhan; if you were going to butcher one of them just based on body condition, you'd definitely choose her.  Lucky for her, she's a heifer!  For once it is not a man's world!)

The previous photos have given a few tantalizing glimpses of fall color so I included this shot.  We were looking up from the Lower Pasture at the house (behind the giant oak) and the hay barn.  We're enjoying every minute of this lovely weather!


  1. I guess that calf will make good tacos! lol

  2. Ha! ha! Or cheese for tacos! :D If it's a steer, I guess we'll have to call it Burrito since Taco is already taken. If it's a heifer, she'll get an Irish name because that's what I do--but maybe an Irish version of Maria or Juanita.


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