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Saturday, November 3, 2012

How Big is That Pig?

We could tell Hammy Faye Bakker and Spamela Anderson were getting big, but are they big enough to butcher?  And how would we know?

We found out the answer by doing what we did when we measured 4 and 8 last year.  We used Walter Jeffries' very handy system for measuring a pig with a string.

According to this system, Hammy Faye Bakker weighs about 319 lbs. and Spamela Anderson weighs about 301.  There's a much more noticeable difference in size between Hammy and Spammy compared to 4 and 8, who were only 5 lbs. apart.

4 and 8's string weights were 225 lbs. on Oct. 26; they were butchered on Nov. 8, weighing in at 320 and 325 lbs. before butchering.  That would seem to indicate that our estimates ran low and that Hammy and Spammy are ready to make an appointment with Jeff.

I've known this day was coming, and I tried to tell Herb they weren't big enough, but sad to say, they are.  I really need to start looking at them and seeing a pork cuts chart outlined on their sides.


  1. P.S. The girls have a date with Jeff, the butcher, on Monday, Nov. 12.

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    PS We are huge fans of Walters too. Have learned tons from him


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