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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

King of the World

Charis was sick on Tuesday, so Kol came over by himself.  He was a bit under the weather with a cold hanging on, so after he watched Didi feed the chickens and climbed on the tractor a bit, he was ready to come inside and play.  He and Didi played trains on the living room rug.

Every little boy seems to love a crash, whether it's a train or a zebra or a giraffe!
Mostly Kol seemed to have his own plan for things, and he was happy just to have Didi's company.  Sometimes he would give Didi a car or engine and get him into the game.
Watching him, I began to understand the fascination of this past-time for a little boy.  He who is normally so powerless, at the whim of every adult in his life, now controls everything.
 Whether the train stays on the track,

whether it rolls down the bridge,
or whether Didi gets to join the game, Kol is King of the World! What's not to love about that?


  1. Your grandson is so cute, they are such a gift.

  2. Thanks, Gordon. Yes, they are a gift, aren't they? And I'm sure you understand his fascination with trains! It's practically the first word he learned to say. :) As soon as we rehome the three little dogs living in our basement, I want to set up a real train (well, the model kind). My husband inherited an old Lionel train set, so if we can get the engine running, we'll use that. Otherwise we'll go HO since Lionels are prohibitive to buy nowadays.

  3. Super cute! Thx for sharing!! -Monique


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