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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cutting Ties

I love the earthy smell of a freshly-wallowed pig!
If you have come to this blog to click on the link to my Narnia blog, you will notice that I have removed the page.  I have recently felt like a woman from a Wild West town that tried to cross the street in her long gown and got to the other side only to find the hem of her skirt soiled and bedraggled by the muddy street.

In all innocence, I apparently used a certain reference in my Narnia blog that has brought pornography seekers to my Narnia blog.  This is horrifying to me because the whole Narnia project is meant to bring joy to our precious, innocent grandchildren.  It's as if that woman in the Wild West town was carrying her precious infant and a passing wagon threw a blast of filthy mud up on the babe in her arms.  That is the shock, horror and disgust I feel right now.

After I was warned about the problematic term by a friend, I tried to remove the offending references from all the "labels" in my Narnia blog.  I added a "meta tag" that should make it clear to the smut-seekers that they aren't going to find what they're looking for on my site.  That seemed to stop the daily increasing number of hits coming from this odious site.

Then today I noticed that this blog has received several hits from the same site.  So I am going to cut Zephyr Hill's ties to Narnia.  I'll consult with my internet-savvy relatives and see if they have any other ideas.  If not, I will probably have to discard the Narnia blog.  I may try again after I remove all offending terms from all of the posts, then try to copy them to a new blog.

So if you come here to try to find Narnia and can't, please leave me a comment with your email address, and I will send you a link--if I know who you are!  If you're a personal friend, a family member, a blog follower or a regular commenter, you are welcome.

To any smut-seekers:  I appreciate a pig wallowing in mud or the manure-y smell of my barnyard, but your filth nauseates me.  Go wallow in it by yourself and leave me and mine alone!


  1. Sorry to hear about your Narnia site, I don't know how Narnia could be anyway associated with porn. Their must have been a porn movie with the name Narnia in it. I hope you get it straightened out.
    I have not seen any new post on your pregnant cow, how is she doing, did she have her calf yet?

  2. Actually, Gordon, it was an innocent reference I made that I recently learned has much less innocent connotations. I ended up abandoning that blog.

    Sara has got me completely distressed. She is not doing ANYTHING! She is one week overdue today. I did see our vet earlier this week, and he told me it wasn't necessary to call him until she was 7-10 days overdue. So I guess if she doesn't do anything by Monday, I'll have to call him. I'm about ready to try dynamite to get that calf out of there! :)


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