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Friday, July 13, 2012

Weather or Not . . .

We've had our share of extreme weather lately.  The week of July 4 we got up to 103-105° every day.  Then the evening of July 5 we had a tremendous wind storm.  Fortunately, no damage was done at our place, but it was pretty scary.  Herb and Kara were out of town, and I sat in the living room with my cell phone and a flash light ready to run for the storm room in the basement.  You can see the leaves tossing in this photo.  Oh, yes, I did go out to take photos before I retreated to the house!

The large oak tree outside the living room glass door is what was scaring me.  I was praying its roots would hold strong despite the drought.  The silvery-colored leaves are the ones whipping in the wind.

Compare this photo to the one above, and you can see how the branches were whipping and slashing from the wind.

Just a week later, we were having rain.  In fact, we had two days of steady, if mostly light, rain and it didn't get above 73°.  Such a blessing!  Here the oak tree and the grass below it are glistening in the rain.

The animals loved the cloudy, cooler days.  The cattle, especially, had been spending a lot of time chewing cud in the shade and not showing themselves during the day.  It was nice to see them active again.

The ones who loved the rain the most were Spamela Anderson and Hammy Faye Bakker.  You can tell by their noses who is responsible for the torn up ground in the photo below.  I understand that pigs love to root for grubs.  I'm going to hazard a guess that we don't have any more grubs in this corner of the Home Pasture!

I'd also venture to say these girls are as happy as pigs in mud!


  1. Susan you sure have a lovely farm. I also like the names have for your pigs, they are sure cute. What breed are your hogs?

  2. I found the answer to my question about what breed of hogs you have in your cast of characters of your farm. Berkshires crosses.

  3. Thanks, Gordon, I was just going to answer you when you found it. We bought Hammy & Spammy from a breeder (the same one we bought last years 4 and 8 from), although he is going to stop breeding. He has found a dedicated breeder nearby, so he intends to just buy a whole litter at weaning and then sell the extra pigs. We've told him to be sure to save us two every spring. These are SUCH nice pigs! Nice personality-wise and really nice pork-wise!


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