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Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Potato Condo

 About the middle of March, Herb started my potato condo and filled it with half Black Gold-half compost for me.

The potato condo is sitting on several layers of paper feed sacks that we watered down.  The pressure-treated 4x4 posts are covered with black plastic stapled on to keep them away from the soil.

About mid-April, I planted my seed potatoes in it.

I have come up with a modified--and I believe improved--design on the potato condos I've seen on the internet.

Stay tuned . . .
By today the potatoes had grown up nearly a foot tall.  (I forgot to take a picture of them standing alone.)  Herb got me a wheelbarrow full of compost, which I spread around and between the plants.
Nearly half of each plant has been covered with compost.

Next I added some old half-rotten hay that was laying around.  I tucked it in around each plant . . .
... making sure none of them were covered up and that each one had several inches of leaves showing.  Now it's time for Herb to do the next step on the condo.

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