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Friday, May 11, 2012

Pony Play Day

Every kid loves a pony.  And what fun for our visitors to drive up to our house and find a pony in the front yard.

 Herb put up electric fencing so Julie and the horses can enjoy the grass in the front yard.  Why mow when there are animals who want to eat the grass?

Mattie Jane enjoyed the first ride with mom Joanna walking alongside.

 Charis enjoyed her ride, despite the too-big helmet, with help from Aurélie, visiting from France.

Liam got help from Mr. Herb and did just great.

Then we got a group photo with Abigail and Kol, even though they didn't ride, and a threesome on Julie.  What a good pony!

The focus was on getting a photo with Aurélie, but I think the hug between Charis and Liam stole the show.

Then it was time to feed Julie apples and tell her what a good pony she was.

After visiting the chickens in the barnyard and the chicks in the chicken tractor, it was time to play with the tractor.  Now that's a load of kids!  (Left to right:  Joanna, Abigail, Charis, Liam, Mattie, Kol & Monique)

There's room for Aurélie, too.

Finally Kol got the ride he'd been waiting for.  He knew there was supposed to be a key and where to look for it, but sneaky Didi had taken it out.  Good thing, or Kol might have taken off with the tractor!
Mattie Jane and Liam enjoyed their ride, too, and then it was time for lunch and playtime with Zephyr.

I hope the kids were all worn out and had nice long naps; I know Zephyr's been sacked out in her crate all evening!

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