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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thoughts On Stormy Tempests, Rainbows and Light Breaking Through

Wednesday we started out with a misty morning . . .

. . . turning to gentle rain and ending with a rather frightening storm (there were tornadoes in the area).  And yet that was not the end.

As I came back from feeding the animals, a glorious rainbow streamed out of the clouds, ending in a shaft of light that looked like the legendary pot of gold.  The rainbow suddenly faded, leaving only the golden light.

I looked behind me at the setting sun in time to see the dark storm clouds part like the Red Sea and the light burst through.

I thought of my sister-in-law, Jane, and I claimed the rainbow and the light as God's promises for her.  She has been in intensive care for over a week, suffering greatly, with the outcome extremely questionable.  Herb went to join his other siblings at her bedside on Monday where they have lovingly offered their support all through this difficult week.  

Jane's family and friends everywhere are praying for her, as are many people at our church.  Their love and care for us reaches out to encompass Jane, whom they have never met.  Yet one of our elders prayed for her with tears on Sunday, and many people keep emailing to let us know they are praying, too.

There have been glimmers of hope in the last day or so, particularly as the Palliative Care unit has taken over her pain management.  Within the past 12 hours she has finally begun to experience some relief.  That is a huge gleam of light in a very dark and stormy time.

Jane's greatest anxiety has been "The Pack," as she calls her dogs.  They have been her loving companions for many years, and their future was weighing on her.  It's been hard back home not being able to DO anything for Jane (except pray--and yes, I know that is huge).  But one thing Herb and I agreed that we can do is offer a home to Jane's dogs.  We cannot heal her body or relieve her pain, but we can set her mind at ease.  The photo above is an old one.  Tootie (left) and Critter (top) are no longer living.  Jackson, another little guy, has joined the family since then.  So Olivia, Monty and Jackson will be coming to join Hero, Zephyr and Misty at Zephyr Hill Farm.  If and when Jane goes back home, they will, too.  But for now they will have a new family.

I smile a little at the thought of us getting triplets.  (No offense to anyone who's ever had real triplets; I would never minimize the amazing job you have done!)  But I know the dogs and we will all have many adjustments, almost like three new babies in a family, working them into the canine hierarchy and initiating them into the adventures of farm life.  I'm sure there will be days when it's hard or frustrating, but I have a plan for dealing with that:  This is for Jane because we love her.  These are her babies, and we love them, too.

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