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Friday, November 11, 2011

A Coat of Many Colors

This past Sunday, the beautiful afternoon and a lazily-purchased deli chicken spurred us to take an impromptu picnic.  The dogs were delighted at an unexpected walk in the middle of the day, and the horses were just as happy to have an excuse for a race across the pasture.  Hero and Brandy led the pack neck and neck, as usual, with Angel following and Zephyr, like the old cow's tail, bringing up the rear.

Misty, still unsure of those gigantic creatures, was content to watch from a distance as the racers circled back.

We sat in our chosen picnic spot overlooking most of the farm laid out before us.  I could hardly eat for taking pictures of all the beautiful fall colors around us.

Behind us, the road up through the 8 acres of woods (the extra bit sticking down from the map of our pastures) beckoned us irresistibly to go exploring.  A few feet up the road we were rewarded with this sight of  a Perfectly Beautiful Tree.

None of this area is fenced, and we have been unsure of exactly where our boundaries are, so we decided to explore.  As we hunted for orange-painted tree trunks, we talked about how happy pigs would be here . . .

Not to mention how happy I was to be there right then with a camera!  I was practically drooling over the colors!

Our entire walk, exploring all the way to the farthest boundary of our property, was a poem of praise and thanks.  We cannot be anything but humbled at the wild beauty and diversity of God's creation and at how blessed we are to be given the chance to be stewards of this corner of it.

Back by the house we found this tree blazing in the afternoon light across the driveway behind the Brooder House.

The words that best express our thankfulness were spoken by King David in Psalm 16:6, "The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance."


  1. Magnifiques photos ! Et si belle nature : béni soit son créateur.

  2. Sumptuous colors! We had a beautiful fall here as well! You would have enjoyed the colours in Charlottesville at the vineyard and orchard.


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