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Monday, October 31, 2011

Out in the Pasture

Yesterday was a busy day for my Nikon.  After our frosty morning sortie, Herb and I headed out to the pasture after church because Mitch from Bickett Genetics is coming tomorrow to set Sara up for AI.  We needed to get the cattle into the end of the Lower Pasture where the head gate is set up so that we can easily entice Sara in with some pears.

We took the easy way down, past the barnyard and down the road instead of plunging straight down the hill through the trees near the house.  Jemima Puddleduck watched us go by, wondering if we were going to shoo her into the barnyard.  I'm sure as soon as we were out of sight, she flew down outside where she's been spending a lot of time lately.  Foolish Jemima, daring the fox to get her!

The pigs followed, galloping along the fence all the way down, sure there was a treat in store for them.  No treat for them, but a nice view of the giant oak behind the house for me.

The horses very cooperatively let us keep them out of the nice new pasture when we let the cows in.  T-bone has sort of gotten used to the routine, although he never just simply follows Sara and Siobhan.  He always has to dodge around the open gate and be herded a bit.  But he posed very nicely for this photo to show how he's growing.  He's not nearly as stocky as Siobhan, but I think he's filled out a bit under that winter coat.

The head gate is in the round pen (which doesn't show up) connected to the shed in the background.  Sara will (should?) follow us in there willingly when she sees a bucket of pears.  That's the plan . . .

On the way back up the hill, Brandy and Angel followed right beside us.  Brandy had a funny gleam in her eye, and I understood why when she suddenly wheeled and exploded into a mad gallop up the hill.  Angel, Hero and Zephyr exploded right behind her into a kicking, bucking race over the hill and out of sight where the echo of pounding hooves said the race was still on.

Misty is still afraid of the horses, so she is always a distant "also ran."  When I called the dogs back (it's tricky for them to get to the house from this pasture), she was the first to reappear, her lolloping gallop limned by the afternoon sun.  Good come, Misty!


  1. That photo of the horses is amazing! I told Tai that he was in for a shock when he sees Misty again!

  2. Thanks, Jenny--again, pure luck. I didn't see that race coming, so when Brandy burst into a gallop, I threw up my camera and started shooting. That was the only picture that really looked good--pure luck!

    No kidding about Tai and Misty. She'll be way bigger than him!


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