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Monday, October 31, 2011

Jack Frost Was Here

We went out to feed yesterday morning and found that Jack Frost had visited us overnight.   We've found a misty, frosty-looking film over the ground a few mornings in the past two weeks, but it wasn't frost--just a Jack-Wannabe.

Jack is such an artist!  I love looking around and seeing what he's chosen to touch with his brush.

Fortunately, we've been covering the garden every night that's been predicted to be in the 30°s since it's always a bit colder here than the low predicted for Chattanooga.  The first time temperatures got down in the 30°s, the beans, peppers, and cucumbers got frost-bitten (even though there wasn't a real frost.)  We started covering them then and have been able to extend their harvest almost two weeks longer.  But I think the message from Jack last night was that it's time to tell our summer veggies goodbye and tuck the winter ones in nice and warm.
This time of year it's not hard to be up before sunrise!  I got to stand and watch the sky grow brighter and then watch the glowing copper sun spring up from behind the mountains almost as fast as a balloon released from a child's hand springs into the sky.

The sun still hadn't touched the trees across the back of the property (see the previous post), but I was ready for some hot oatmeal, so I didn't wait to see it.  After all, this story is about Jack Frost, anyway.  Thank you for this beautiful morning, Jack!


  1. Man, it looks cold there! It was mid-60s today for us and I was out in skirt, short sleeves and sandles!! I do love the first pic of the bright orange tree against the white frost. So lovely.

  2. Thanks! That picture was pure serendipity! I couldn't believe the juxtaposition of those particular colors--warm fall and icy winter in one picture. It was cold, but now it's warmer again. Suits me just fine . . .

  3. Gorgeous photos. I love those cold early morning photos.

  4. Thanks, Brent. The world is so stunning on such frosty mornings that you pretty much just have to point and shoot! You really can't miss!


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