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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Muskmelons Are Ripe

Last year the canteloupe plants we bought at a local nursery didn't do very well.  Out of four plants, only one survived and gave us two small, insipid-tasting canteloupes.

So this year I ordered muskmelon seeds from Shumways', started them in small pots, and then transplanted them into the garden.  They took off, sprawling all over their bed and encroaching on the neighboring peppers.  I looked at our numerous melons and asked Herb, "How will I know when they're ripe?"  I kept craning my nose down as close to them as I could get, trying to see if they smelled ripe and thumping them to see if they sounded hollow.  Once I thought one was ripe and brought it inside, but when we ate it, it seemed a bit lacking in flavor.  So I waited . . .
. . . until yesterday when I walked out to the garden and exclaimed, "It smells like canteloupe out here!"  Sure enough, a heavenly aroma arose from the bed of muskmelons.  A couple of them had cracked where they touched the damp ground, but they all had a golden cast to their skin and they smelled as sweet as perfume.  I picked all the ripe ones, 14 pounds' worth!

I cut up the damaged ones and froze them in chunks, and we're eating the rest.  We brought in another one today, raising our total to over 16 lbs., and there are more ripening.  I'm thankful for the ones that are lagging behind the others, drawing out the enjoyment a little longer.

Meanwhile, if you live in this area, drop by for some fresh muskmelon!


  1. Super récolte de melons.... heureusement que quelques uns attendent un peu pour mûrir !

  2. Wow, Mom and Dad! Those look amazing! Enjoy some for us with fresh lime ;-)

  3. J'aimerais bien pouvoir t'en envoyer, Kathleen!

    Jenny, I also put a few fresh raspberries on one--yum!

  4. Yum! Ours aren't quite ripe yet, but I'm waiting.

  5. Ours are about done for by now, Barbara (Aug. 3). Enjoy yours when they come in!


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