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Monday, May 2, 2011

God's Protection in the Midst of Destruction

Saturday we went down to Leahaven, our guest house-farm in Alabama.  Here is the story:


  1. Praise God for His protection!

  2. Amen! I was at the house yesterday while a crew cut the tree off the roof. It dented the metal, but the guys said it didn't seem to have damaged the roof. Of course, we'll get it checked to be sure, but we are so thankful.

    Unfortunately, it seems that the storm blew in a ton of poison oak seeds or berries or whatever and deposited them in our front yard. "Thanks" to the abundant rain and subsequent sun, we have thousands of tiny poison oak seedlings coming up in the yard! :( We don't normally like to spray poison, but this definitely calls for some!

    In spite of that, I'm thankful to the Lord that one of the tree guys recognized it and mentioned it to me or it might have gotten out of hand before we would get down there again.

    Seeing the mess left in the yard after the tree was cut up and looking at all the poison oak seedlings, I left the farm a bit discouraged and overwhelmed with how to get it ready for the family that desperately needs a retreat on the 16th. Then I drove out past the destruction about a mile away, and I compared my discouragement to what these people must feel after having lost everything--and it put things in perspective!


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