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Thursday, April 28, 2011

After the Storm

We are safe and sound after yesterday's storms.  In fact, in our little corner of the world, it was almost a non-event.  But for the area around us, it was one of the worst disasters anyone can remember.

Eight are confirmed dead in Ringgold, the community where we do much of our shopping.

Several died in Trenton, GA, about half an hour from us.  Trenton is on the way to our farm in Alabama.

In DeKalb County, AL, on Sand Mountain where our farm/guesthouse Leahaven is, there were 36 deaths.

There was one death reported in Chattanooga, and several of our friends in Chattanooga sustained damage to their homes.  Some of them are still without power.  Covenant College on Lookout Mountain has had to close early for the semester and send students home or to stay with local families because their water pumps are not operating.  We are waiting to see if we will receive student guests.

Once again, we find ourselves praying for those we know whose lives have been devastated by forces of nature.   At the same time that we are reaching out to help those in need, we are thankful to God for His gracious protection of our lives, our property and our animals.



    Here is a link to an article detailing area deaths and showing a photo of the devastation left by the tornado in Ringgold. As often happens, the death toll climbs after a disaster as more bodies are discovered. With the number of people missing, the current toll is likely to climb.

    If you follow "American Idol" you may recognize Ringgold as Lauren Alaina's home town. She spoke about the tornado during the results show. Ironically enough, interference from the rain and high winds kept our satellite from recording her performance on Wednesday night, and all we got to see of it was the clip they showed last night.

  2. Wow, God was really protecting you and your place! Praise Him!

  3. Yes, He was, Barbara! When you come this summer, we'll show you how near the tornado came.


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