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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Rain is Raining All Around (Sunday, Mar. 6)

We started this month out more than 4" below normal for this year's rainfall--barely two months into the year!  Then it began to rain in the wee hours of Sunday, and we woke up to see the pond full and some flooding beginning in the Lower Pasture.  (Since these photos aren't too clear after being downsized, the pond is in the back left corner where you can see bare dirt, which is the dam.)
This shows more of the flooding across the Lower Pasture.  There's actually a creek that comes into our property from off to the right, then turns and runs along the lower road before it turns again to run diagonally across the Lower Pasture.
Here's a better shot of the creek, already starting to spread beyond its banks.  You can also see the shine of the water coming down the slope from the woods near the run-in shed and into the center of this picture.

We ended up getting 3.4" of rain on Sunday.  We'd rather it would come a little more gradually over several days, but we'll take it any way we can get it!

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