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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Accomplishments! (Monday, Mar. 14)

Herb has had the most visible accomplishments lately as his line of fence posts grows around the hill behind our house--the future Home Pasture.  But I've been busy, too, and today I actually have something to show for it!

Last week or so, I hauled the old bedding from last year's chicks off to the compost heap--not too much work since I could gather up the tarps and drag them out through the door.  Then I mopped all the surfaces with strong bleach water.  So this is what I started with today.
First, I laid a new 8' x 12' tarp on the floor and weighted it down.  Then I set up the brooder box with its handy re-purposed metal top.  Next I restrung the extension cords so they would work right for the lights we're still using in the two coops in the evening, as well as providing two outlets for the brooder lights in the brooder house.  Then I hauled the bale of shavings in there, and spread them out.  I took all the feeders and waterers to the house and bleached them clean, then filled the waterers and brought them back here.  All that's left to do is make some cardboard walls to confine the little ducklings and chicks in their respective places while they're tiny.  We're ready for the ducklings to arrive on Wednesday!
After that, I broke out the instructions for our new solar fence charger, which I had put up on a south-facing post four days ago to fully charge.  Herb helped me measure the placement for the 3 ground rods (not very visible in this picture) and hammered them in for me.  I did the rest:  Attached the ground wire from the charger to each ground rod; pushed the fence posts into the ground; strung the wire; attached the handles back at the beginning of my wire; and turned on the charger.  Then Herb held the gate open while I led Angel in to see if it was working.  I led her up close to the wire while keeping hold of her lead rope in case she tried to run away when she got shocked.  Suddenly she gave a leap back--and went back to grazing.  It was as easy as that!
After Angel's reasonable reaction, I felt safe bringing Brandy in.  I introduced her to the wire, saw that she wouldn't freak out when she got shocked, and then I turned them loose.  While we went about our evening chores, the horses enjoyed a meal of nice, long stocked grass.

I was beat, but boy, did I feel a sense of accomplishment after this day's work!

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  1. That's amazing Dad! You work so fast. I'm sure the horses are so grateful as well as Mom, of course!


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