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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Genie in a Bottle

Unlike Aladdin, my genie comes out of a bottle instead of a lamp!  But as long as I wish for beautiful-looking antiques, this genie grants all my wishes with a few rubs (using a rag or a bit of steel wool). 

I found Kramer's Best Antique Improver at East Town Antiques back in 2006 when I was restoring an old fireplace to turn into a bookcase.  The first bottle I bought was $13, and it was worth every cent.  When I went back for another bottle it had gone up to $20.  Luckily I already knew that quality-wise it was liquid gold or I would never have tried it out at that price.  But it's still worth every cent when you're trying to make any antique look great.  And by the way, that fireplace I restored 4 1/2 years ago still looks as good as the day I did it!
Look what my genie did to the rusty metal on this old desk.

This antique school desk helped homeschool our kids, then sat in the garage at East Brow for years.  The wood had lost its finish and dried out.  Now the patina is restored, and it looks good enough to sit in the living room.

The surface of the desk at left shows the difference a bit of Antique Restorer starts to make.  With a bit of steel wool it even took of old dried glue!  At right, it's ready to be used again!

Inside the lid were red crayon scribbles, a bit hard to see on the photo at left, but obvious in person.  At right, no more crayon scribbles--just a great, clean, well-stocked desk ready for Charis and Kol and a generation of grandkids to come!

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