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Friday, February 4, 2011

Here Comes a Smile! (Wednesday, Feb. 2)

This morning was another morning of work getting items priced at the antique mall, followed by another precious afternoon with the grandkids.

Big sister Charis . . .
. . . was feeling a little bit sad, . . .
. . . but Mimi knew how . . .
. . . to get a smile and a giggle!  (Sorry, I'm not posting the picture of how silly I looked on the internet!)
After Kol's and Mama's nap, Charis and I joined Monique and Kol for a photo session.  This is an internet-approved photo of a fantastic gift that Kol received from his Great-Aunt Betty in Texas:  a "Peepee Teepee!"  During diaper changes for baby boys, the teepee goes . . . well, Aunt Betty, let's say "Better there than on his face!"  Thus strategically placed, it prevents the type of sprinkling accident Jim was lamenting on Facebook shortly after Kol's birth.  All I can say is, this old dog has learned a new trick!
After a late-afternoon snack, Kol drifted off to sleep again . . .
. . . although the flash of light my camera uses to focus kept disturbing him . . .
. . . until he fell sound asleep and slept, well, like a baby!
Leaving Kol napping while Charis played on the bed with Monique, I headed home.  As I zipped down the last few little tree-shrouded country roads, I could see a beautiful sunset developing through the trees.  Coming up the driveway, I saw the hay barn from a fascinating angle that left its windows and door blazing in the setting sun.  I leaped out of the car with my camera in time to catch the shot . . .

. . . and see our valley in its sunset glory.
Zephyr was waiting faithfully to greet me, so I couldn't ignore her--but it was impossible to catch both her and the sky at the same time.
On second thought, there's more than one way to skin a cat!  How about a little of the sky and a little of Zephyr?
I was glad to head inside, looking forward to enjoying with "American Idol" with Herb, but I had to make sure he came out on the back porch to take in the last burst of color from the sun.

I would say this is a day where I had my cake and ate it, too!

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