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Saturday, January 1, 2011

White Christmas, Part II (Saturday, Dec. 25)

Because we were using two cameras, multiple photographers and four photo cards, these pictures' numbers put them at the end of the folder.  But actually they show our breakfast, eaten fashionably late after opening presents.  I sneaked this photo of us gathered around the table in prayer, holding hands as we always do while we thank the Lord for His blessings.
Not the least of which was the lovely breakfast Kara stayed up till 6 a.m. making for us!  She made several pans of cinnamon rolls, both with and without nuts (for Jim & Charis: "No nuts!"), as well as a deep dish bacon quiche.  Poor Kara was awakened at 9:30 to be told that Jim, Monique and Charis had arrived to open gifts, so we were given strict orders to take NO pictures of her opening presents since she hadn't showered or dressed.  I (note sanctimonious tone of voice) abided by her wishes, but as can be observed from my first Christmas post, I was not (note shame-faced tone of voice) above using someone else's illegally-acquired pictures!  Poor recompense indeed for that lovely breakfast!  :)
Later on, after we finished riding and Charis woke up from her nap, Jenny was once again busy taking pictures as most of the family continued enjoying the beautiful snow while the rest of us worked on dinner.  Jim took Charis out to meet his riding buddy, and Charis got a kiss from Angel.
Kara lobbed a snowball at Jean-Marc . . .
. . . and like a true big brother, he lobbed one right back!
Taking a cue from Angel, Jim galloped all over the place with Charis riding in style on his shoulders.
Just like Angel, Jim's mane blew in the wind!
And just like her dada, Charis gleefully urged on her steed!
That was one happy little elf!
It's nice when the horse helps hold the rider on!
Look ma, no hands! 
Later in the afternoon we were joined by Monique's parents . . .
. . . Mark and Susan . . .
. . . Mike . . .
. . . and Monique's sister Bekka and Ed, newlyweds who live across the street from Jim & Monique.  Kara, for the oeno-uninitiated, is checking the belles jambes ("beautiful legs") of the nice wine Herb chose to accompany our Cornish hens and ham.
We finished our dinner with a birthday cake for Jesus.   After all, celebrating His birth is what Christmas is all about!
Then we sat around enjoying the beautiful warmth and lights inside to the sound of Christmas carols . . .
. . . a perfect end to our beautiful white Christmas.

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  1. Those are great! Can you email some of those pictures of me and charis? And if you don't mind a few of us riding? (Jim, via email)


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