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Saturday, January 1, 2011

White Christmas, Part I (Saturday, Dec. 25)

Obviously I need to make a New Year's resolution not to fall behind on my blog!  But these pictures are too much fun not to share--and perhaps give a hint of what I've been doing instead of blogging.  Most of these photos were taken by Jenny, with Jean-Marc's patient company.  Photos with Jenny in them were taken by Jim.

We were dreaming of a white Christmas after the weather service forecast an inch . . .
. . . but we never expected anything like this!
Jim made good on his promise to help me ride--only his second time riding Angel, his second time to ride in 10 years, and his first time in an English saddle.
Angel was rarin' to go right out of the gate after all the cantering Jim had let her do a couple of days earlier, but he made her listen to him and walk down the hill.  When her prancing made her slip in the snow, she bucked, only to slip again and fall back on her haunches in a rear.  Jenny caught the buck, but the rest happened too fast even for her quick shutter finger.  Angel nearly toppled over backwards, but somehow Jim managed to keep his seat and shift forward in the saddle to help her regain her feet.
After that, we decided to tackle the steep hill immediately to work off some of Angel's energy.
On top of the world in a winter wonderland!
Once Angel settled down, Jim was ready to canter some more.
I'm not sure who enjoyed the race more--Hero, Angel or Jim!

Jim loved riding Angel, and she loved it, too!
Zephyr did better keeping up with Brandy and me since Brandy was pacing (which is VERY uncomfortable to ride) so I didn't let her go too fast.  I finally discovered that I could post to her pace just like a trot, although there's nothing to do about the side-to-side motion! 
Jean-Marc kept Jenny company and threw snowballs for Zephyr . . .
. . . reveling in the first white Christmas of his memory.
Jenny was waiting for her turn, too, and we cantered up the hill.  Well, Angel did--Brandy just paced faster!
Angel was delighted that Jenny wanted to canter some more.
And why not some more all-out galloping, too?
Jenny and Angel pulled up at the top of the last hill after a fun gallop back towards the barn--normally a very bad habit to let a horse form, but it's all in the name of Brandy's rehab.  We'll just have to rehab from the rehab habits when it's all over!
I tried in vain to kick Brandy into a canter up the hill . . .
. . . she just paced faster and faster.  Don't let the smile fool you--my brains were good and rattled!
We couldn't forget Sara and Siobhan on Christmas Day.
Siobhan enjoyed playing in the snow on her first white Christmas, too!

Meanwhile, back at the house hungry people were waiting to be fed, so Herb and Jenny walked the horses while I headed back to finish 12 Cornish hens--our Zephyr Hill version of the 12 Days of Christmas!

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