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Monday, January 10, 2011

Two Rides in the Snow

We woke up this morning to 7 inches of snow that fell during the night.  (We'd been predicted to get 6".)

By 8:15, it was as light as it was going to get, so we went out to feed the animals.
The barnyard looks so lovely and clean under the pristine snow!
Shortly before noon, Kara and I set out on a ride--Brandy needs her rehab whether it snows or not!  And actually, walking in deep snow is great exercise for her.
It was clear by the absence of tracks that there were no hunters in the hunting preserve, so we took advantage of the chance to ride there.  It was absolutely irresistible following the clean white track through the heavily laden pine trees.
Whenever we passed under snow-laden boughs, we got loads of snow dumped on us.
Kara and Angel went back and forth under one particularly low passage trying to get Brandy to follow, but I ended up having to get off and have an impromptu training session before she would go through.
Angel enjoyed going under the branches and dumping the snow, so she and Kara ended up covered in white!
After an hour and 40 minutes in a fairyland, we ended up back home to find Zephyr waiting at the edge of our driveway.
Later Zephyr followed Herb and me when he took the tractor out to plow the road, and she reveled in rolling in the snow right in front of the tractor.
Herb plowed all the way to the end of our road and back home again, nearly a mile and a half.
Hero enjoyed treeing squirrels along the way.
He and Zephyr were always out front, like trailblazing scouts--and they beat us back home, too!
On the way up our driveway, we passed Kara's snowy drive.  I can't wait to ride down it tomorrow!


  1. Some great shots Mom, wish I could have been there too! I like the first one for it's intense blue tones!

  2. It was the winter light--or lack of it so early in the morning--that gave that color. You would have loved the ride!


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