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Friday, January 7, 2011

Murder and Other Crimes Most Heinous

On Tuesday, Jan. 4, The Gang of Six (two nephews, a niece and 3 friends) arrived from east and west to visit us.  The Monster Four were exiled to Leahaven in Alabama while the Genteel Two stayed with us.  As the friends got to know us, they realized that they could be themselves and still not be as far out there as their hosts!  By the night of the 5th they felt right at home, and when Kara joined them to make it "Seven" (anybody remember THAT horror movie?) and suggested a game of Murder, they were all for it.  They began playing, ironically, at 7 p.m. and continued to murder each other craftily and noisily until midnight.

Their last night, just as we finished our ice cream about 8 p.m., the electricity went out!  Now what gang of murderers could ignore a cue like that?!
Herb set up a tray of candles so we could retreat to the safety of our locked bedroom and read by candlelight.  When a top-heavy candle tipped off the tray, Herb's quick reflexes saved us from adding arson to our list of criminal activity!
I tried to take a picture of what The Seven looked like playing Murder, but Kara turned her flashlight on.
Second try--and this is a VERY accurate picture of what The Seven looked like playing Murder in the pitch-black house.
Using my flash, I was able to catch their guilty expressions--except for one who felt so guilty she was hiding behind the wall!
This is a close-up of the best-looking one of the bunch!  I think he should try out for "Phantom of the Opera"!
Meanwhile, as a series of murders was committed right outside our door, Herb and I read peacefully in bed by candlelight, ignoring the occasional screams of, "Murder!  Murder!"

When we went to bed at 10, the criminals moved their activity to Kara's house and continued slaying each other until midnight. 

Herb and I, inspired by all the criminal activity around us, got up early this morning ready to commit a further heinous act (at least in Sara's and Siobhan's eyes).  After luring Siobhan into the gated pen, we put a halter on her!  It wasn't quite as simple as it sounds, though.  Unfortunately, we were both down on the ground trying to hold her down and get the halter buckled, so there was no one to take pictures.  Once she was up, we tied her close to a post, petted her for about 10 minutes, then went off to eat breakfast while she taught herself the futility of pulling against the rope.
By the time we came out a couple of hours later, Siobhan looked at us as if we were going to help her.
She moved up close to the post, not pulling any more.
So we started the lesson on leading.  It was a sell-out show!  Of course Sara was there to be sure we didn't abuse her baby, but Brandy and Angel seemed to be there to offer support, too.
Siobhan definitely has her own mind . . .
. . . but she's also pretty smart and quickly figured out not to pull against the rope.
When we turned her loose, she hurried over to Mama for some comfort food . . .
. . . and some kisses to "make it well."
Back at the house, the Gang of Six assembled to tell each other goodbye as the three friends headed off into the sunrise.
Kara joined them so we could commemorate The Seven before they were no more.  You'd never believe by looking at these smiling, innocent faces how many cold-blooded murders they committed the past two nights!  It just goes to show, appearances can be deceiving!

(The names have been omitted to protect the guilty.  Thanks to Carrie for editorial help!)

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