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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Horse Shots--Medial Patellar Ligament Splitting Rehab

We had to get syringes and needles from Tractor Supply this morning, and by the time we got home, it was too late to give Brandy her injections in the morning.  Because of rain and slippery footing all around, I worked her in the round pen in the afternoon.   Thanks to our labor covering it in mulch, it provided excellent footing for a vigorous workout.  I was dismayed to see more nasty drainage resulting from the exercise.  As much as I dreaded giving Brandy her injections, I was ready to get her started on her new antibiotics.  Jenny was my guest photographer since my hands were full.
Brandy seemed to realize that something was up, and Jenny got this picture of her opinion of the proceedings while I was getting set up.  I took my time getting everything right since I last gave an injection to a human in 1986 and to a neighbor's horse in 1993.  Mrs. White is a licensed vet tech and gave me a refresher explanation yesterday, but I think my anxiety level was higher than Brandy's!
Angel stood out in the barnyard, twitching her nose in consternation as she always does when troubled.
Hero and Zephyr sat at the gate, wishing they could join us.
Siobhan and Sara stood nearby the entire time, watching the proceedings.  If I do say so myself, we have such nice animals!  It's like they were offering Brandy support!
While they waited, Brandy started nuzzling Herb and licking him.
When I was ready, Herb prayed for help for me to do this and for the medications to help Brandy.  Then I kissed her nose and apologized in advance for having to hurt her.
Sweet thing--she nuzzled my arm.  I wonder if she was trying to say, "I'll tell you anything!  Please don't hurt me!"
Brandy gets 25 cc of penicillin twice a day, in opposite sides of the neck.  It's very thick and has to be well shaken.
Poor Brandy seems to be looking at the needle while I eyeball the spot I cleaned with alcohol on her neck.  There's only a hand-sized area that can be used there, and since I have so many injections to give, I wanted to be sure to space the injections well.
You have to be very sure to aspirate for blood after sticking the needle in before injecting the medication, especially with the penicillin.  You have to inject half of it, partially withdraw the needle, reinsert it in a different direction, aspirate again, and inject the rest.  That was the part that gave me chills--it reminded me of when a nurse was jabbing around in my arm looking for an IV site.  Not one of my more pleasant memories!  Poor Brandy didn't like feeling the medication go in, so Herb soothed her with his voice and pats.
She also has to get 30 cc of the gentamycin once a day.  These are, indeed, horse shots!
When it was all over, Herb praised Brandy for being so good and fed her treats while I cleaned up.  First down, eleven to go.  Please, Lord, may this medication make Brandy well and may the rehab work for her stifles.

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