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Friday, December 17, 2010

Good for What Ails You

Sara says, "My mama always told me, 'It's good for what ails you.'"
According to The Free Dictionary
this is a rural idiom meaning something is "able to cure any problem or illness. (Usually used to describe food or liquor.) Have a sip of this whiskey. It's good for what ails you. Sally's beef broth is good for what ails you."

Here is Zephyr Hill Farm's non-alcoholic, non-caloric version of  things that are good for what ails you.  Photographs by Jenny Lea, prose by Susan Lea.

A good, fast running walk across the pasture.
Getting the right end of the stick.
An afternoon snack.
Making a new friend.
Taking a walk with a friend.
Hanging out doing nothing with a friend.
A nice, long streeeeeetch.

Scratching it where it itches.
Pushing something around that doesn't push back.
Listening to Mama's advice.

So if you've got something that ails you, why don't you follow our animals' advice and try one of these "good for what ails you" remedies?


  1. Thanks, Barbara! It's easy with such cute animals! :D


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