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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Meet Siobhan! (Wednesday, Nov. 10)

After almost a week, Sara's calf finally has a name!  Her registered name will be Zephyr Hill Siobhan, and we'll call her Siobhan.  It's an Irish name (what else for an Irish Dexter?) that means "God is gracious," and it's pronounced "Shih-VAHN."  God was extremely gracious to have Sara calve with no problem and to give us a little heifer with the excellent breeding of Red Wing to add to our little Dexter herd.

Some of you may remember Siobhan Magnus from last season of American Idol.  We loved her--fiery red hair, lively personality, and big voice--and hated to see her leave.  Our own little Siobhan has a touch of red in her hair and is already starting to show a lively personality as she runs around the barnyard and gets acquainted with Zephyr.  No telling what her voice will be like, but we're betting she'll be able to really belt it out some day!
We think our Siobhan is absolutely charming and a sure winner!  We don't have idols here, but we definitely think she's Zephyr Hill's newest star!


  1. Hey Cutie pie! Eat more chicken! Drink more milk!

  2. I'm delighted for you, Susan! I just wasn't convinced it was a bull calf from your first photos...I guess I was right. If she's anything like her big sister, Keira, she'll definitely have a big voice & plenty of personality to go with it!


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