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Monday, October 18, 2010

Look Who Ran Into Our Lives Today, Bringing Joy!

Jim and Monique are on their way to Israel for a 12-day mission trip, and our delightful part in their ministry is to take care of Charis while they're gone.  We met them at their church, prayed with their group, and sent them on their way to Charis' chorus of, "Dada, Mama, bye-bye!"  When we got home we headed out to feed the animals and pick up windfall pears in the back pasture, with Charis' help, of course!  These photos capture the essence of Charis as she runs through life with such abandon.  She has come running into our days bringing so much joy!


  1. I love the top pic--looks like she is moving fast ('cause of how her hair looks) and might be thinking, "Hurry!"
    Have a great visit!!♥

  2. So beautiful! Charis is so precious!! Wish we could be there with you all. We'll just have to send the padres away again over Thanksgiving so we can have a full week of enjoyment too ;-)

  3. @Barbara, she was moving fast. She kept going right past the animals' gate and I had to call her back. She was definitely on a mission.

    @Jenny, you guys would be loving this--and you'd wear your camera out! She's so photogenic!


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