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Monday, September 13, 2010

Up and Going, Growing Up (Friday, Sept. 10)

Thanks to Boykin Tractor's prompt service, our Kubota is up and going again.  The cloud of dust bears witness to how fast Herb is going as well as how dry it is. 
The fall/winter garden is up and growing!  We have our work cut out for us keeping it wet enough without any rain.  As we stand out there in the hot, baking sun watering our baby plants, it's hard to believe this is a fall/winter garden!

The chicks are growing up!  They moved full-time to the chicken tractor today.  If it gets cold at night, they have enough feathers to tough it out under the heat lamp, which we moved along with the brooder box into the chicken tractor.  Just call it "glamping!"
We can easily tell the cockerels . . .
. . . from the pullets.  Guess which ones are always facing off with each other like they're ready to have a duel?
This little guy is sporting a dandelion-style up-do!
This was the chicks' first night in the chicken tractor.  As dusk fell, we turned on the heat lamp in the brooder box (connected by an extension cord to the barn).
It didn't take long for the chicks to navigate toward the warmth.  Good night, babies!  Sleep tight and safe!


  1. I love the glow! I just hope you don't wake up to a fire one night!

  2. Hopefully not! It's just a 250 watt lightbulb. It looks more "impressionnant" than it is.


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