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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We're Raising What?

 We thought we were in the process of raising Poulet Rouge chicks, free-range eggs, and our first calf for our grass-fed beef herd, but this morning when I went out into the beautiful misty morning to feed the animals, I discovered that quite an unusual crop had sprung up overnight.
The morning sun on the grass drew my attention to this beautiful spider's web on the hill behind our house.
Looking around, I noticed spiders' webs all over the hill, each strung between two blades of grass, all glistening with dew in the morning light.
 A half-grown fawn racing away across the bottom pasture drew my eye on farther, and once it had leaped the orchard fence to bound away, I noticed even more spider webs.
 They seemed to have an internal source of light, gleaming in the sunlight.

So many shapes, each one different!
No spider webs here, just a glowing light at the end of the lane--all the reward I needed for doing the chores alone this morning.  Herb has been doing them really early (before I get up) to avoid the heat, but he had breakfast with a friend this morning.  I think I lucked out!
We're not wasting any space around here--we've even got an aerial crop!  But as long as they don't come in my house, and as long as they eat bugs, they're welcome to live here.  Maybe we need to rename our farm?  Something like "Arachnohill Farm"!


  1. No fair! The only spider I found today was one with a painful bite--it was lying in wait for its lunch on my sunflower. The good news? It didn't get me. . N got it! (After I researched it online to determine it needed to be terminated!!
    Gorgeous pics!

  2. Ew! What kind was it? I'm so glad it didn't get you! I've seen some horrendous results of spider bites. Good for N! Believe me, I didn't get close enough to any of the webs to even see the artists! Glad you like the pictures. But when you see the two shots of the hillside covered with spider webs, it does give pause to any thoughts of a night-time stroll, doesn't it?

  3. Yes, it does, but then if I'm out at night, I just sit on my front porch and watch the sunset or the fireflies--I think I'll skip any strolls through the pasture in the dark! :(
    It was a Labyrinth Orbweaver Spider that we found--we had brought the huge sunflower in to dry and I was poking at it with my finger disturbing the spider. Yuck! N dispatched it for me. :)

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  5. Someone I met accidentally through an email mix-up told me that having lots of spiders is a sign of bio-diversity and equilibrium. That's a pleasing thought! (I corrected the grammar on this comment; that's why I deleted the previous attempt!)


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