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Monday, August 16, 2010

The Cutest Chicks of All!

This is one cute chick!  (I mean the one on the left!)  Charis meets a three-day old baby Naked Neck.
Awww!  Charis kisses a baby chick!
Two cute chicks!  Monique and Charis gaze raptly at the chicks.
Charis touches a chick's beak.
Mimi holds her favorite Ameraucana (which reminds me of my good hen Pepita when she was a chick).  Didi has already named it: Pepi-two!
Kara holds another Ameraucana chick.  Sadly, we found a dead chick when we went out with Monique and Charis.  We aren't sure what happened, but the others all seem happy and healthy.
One of the Naked Necks eats a dead moth that it found.  They are great little foragers--and ravenous, too!  Another one caught a dead wasp, and half a dozen of them chased it all over, trying to grab the wasp, before the victorious scavenger finally gulped down its prize.


  1. Absolutely adorable!! All of the girls :)

  2. Thanks! Charis loved the chicks, and it was so funny watching her watch them. Even though she was glad to pet one at a time, she didn't want to get off Monique's or my lap--I think because if someone stands up, all the chicks skitter away, and they sound just like a bunch of cockroaches! I think Charis wasn't sure what they were going to do!


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