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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

I started my birthday with coffee at the computer followed by breakfast in bed, compliments of Herb.  After he fed the animals, we headed off on my birthday adventure, a trip to Philadelphia, TN to visit Freedom Farm Dexters.  We had a warm welcome from Warren and Sally Coad and spent a couple of hours talking Dexters.  I was especially eager to visit their farm because at the National show we went to on June 25, the majority of prize-winning animals were bred by Freedom Farm!  Here's their website:

If you click on "Dexters for Sale" you'll see Sugar, the adorable heifer I fell for.

After that, we went on to visit Roland Vaughan in Cleveland, TN.  Unfortunately he doesn't have a website I can share, but we had another informative visit.

We got home in time for a brief rest and feeding animals before we headed to Chattanooga for dinner at my favorite restaurant, St. John's.  Delicious, as usual!

Then after we got home, I opened my presents.  Here I am modeling them:
Wearing my knee-high muck boots from Herb.  And no, this is not like your husband getting you a vacuum cleaner!  I asked for these--and trust me, I have expensive tastes!

Here I am modeling my fleece jacket (with handy zip-up pockets for not losing a cell phone) from Jenny and Jean-Marc plus my pink work gloves and muck boots from Herb.  I forgot to model the lovely pottery vase from Kara!  Also not shown is the "Holocaust" miniseries on DVD which is also from Herb.

So I had a fun birthday, a mixture of city-girl and country-girl with the emphasis on country--just the way I like it!


  1. Cute Mom! Sounds like you had a really fun day! Happy birthday again!

  2. I love my fleece from you guys! Many, many thanks again! It actually goes better with the fancy dress than with the rubber boots and work gloves! :)


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