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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

P. S. (Saturday)

Jenny showed us her "Meth Bag," a backpack full of anti-meth goodies she got from the Meth Task Force.  I'm jealous of that cool pot-holder with the clever slogan!  If I cook it, I wonder if they'll come and give me one, too!
We spent the afternoon enjoying an all-American past-time:  Truck shopping.  We thought we were most interested in the Ford F-150, but since we were only thinking single cab when we test-drove a Toyota Tundra and extended cab (not two full doors) when we drove the Chevy Silverado, we took Jean-Marc and Jenny along to re-test-drive the first two.  That led to a change in our thinking, and we're now leaning towards the Tundra.  Its seats are slightly more comfortable, it has a much greater towing capacity without sacrificing gas mileage, and we've had a great experience with the dealer for the past eight years.  Anyone who wants to weigh in with some advice, be our guest!

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