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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Celebrating Herb with Charis' Help (Sunday)

Sunday evening Jim, Monique, Charis, Jenny, Jean-Marc, and Kara planned a feast to celebrate Herb's years of teaching at CCS.  Since Friday marked his first day of "retirement" from teaching, they wanted to honor him with a party.  And what a party!  Gyros burgers, pita chips, and tzadziki for an appetizer; Jean-Marc's taboulé and tossed salad; grilled chicken tajine followed by a cheese plate; apple pie, peach cobbler, and ice cream for dessert!
Charis must have inherited her Didi's teaching gene because she has prepared a lesson to share with you.  Here are her Six Simple Steps for Enjoying Ice Cream:
1)  Identify your portion.  It's probably Mommy's plate, but if you are very cute--and very fast--everyone will be so busy watching you that the ice cream will be gone before Mommy realizes you ate all of hers!
2)  Be sure to hold your spoon correctly.  You get extra points for creativity!  Bet you can't eat like that!
3)  Open very wide!  It's easier to aim and you can get more in one bite, too!
4)  Don't let drips slow you down.  You can catch them with your tongue at the same time you're reaching your spoon for the next bite.
5)  Remember to enjoy yourself!  Shaking with giggles just makes aiming a drippy spoonful into your mouth a bigger challenge and therefore more fun!
6)  Think marketing!  Consider sending your picture to the Dairy Board for a new "Got Ice Cream?" advertising campaign.  How could anyone look at that picture and not crave a bowl of ice cream?


  1. Je veux bien de la glace et la petite fille avec !!!

  2. Et si j'ai tout compris Herb. est à la retraite... mais pas sans travail avec une ferme aussi vaste !

  3. ♪ ♫ Happy Retirement to Herb, Happy Retirement to Herb! ♫ ♪

    Bruce said to tell Herb that he (Bruce) is ready to join Herb in retirement. . .I reminded Bruce he still has children to feed (for a few years anyway!) Nicholas then suggested that we still have a few kids to marry off first. . and I replied that at least a few of them were a bit young to marry right now!! :P

  4. Kathleen, je te la prêterai quelques heures si tu viens me rendre visite! :) Et oui, Herb est à la retraite, mais comme tu a deviné--il ne manque pas de travail! :)

    Thanks,Barbara! As green a thumb as Bruce has, he could just feed them vegetables! Isn't that how Daniel and his friends grew up so gorgeous, anyway? :) Tell Nicolas he's much too young to be thinking of marriage! He'll give his mother gray hair just thinking about all those weddings! :)


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