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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I'm On the Inside!

Rascal came meowing to the garden while I was picking peas today.  After failing to open the gate, she finally jumped up on a corner post.  She's channeling one of her elegant Egyptian ancestors in this pose!
Showing off her poise, she balanced all four feet on one post and scratched where it itched on the whirlygig.
Then she got more acrobatic and scratched herself while walking the top edge of the fence.  All the while, she was aware of Zephyr sitting at the gate wondering why she was left on the outside. 
As if to point out "I'm on the inside!" Rascal hopped down inside the fence and went over to play with Zephyr through the gate.  With almost 29 acres of grass out there, Zephyr wanted to eat the one strand of grass inside the garden that she couldn't quite reach between the fence and the gate.  But Rascal could reach through to bat Zephyr's nose--and did!

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