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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Goin' Out Of My Head Over You!

This is an update on the "umbilical cord" that connects Angel and Brandy.  I decided to bring Brandy up to the round pen alone to work with her today, and this is what happened.

"Mommmmmyyyyy!  Mommmmmyyyyy!"
"Other Mommy, will you help me?"
"I don't like this!"
"I don't like this!"
"I don't like this!"

"I don't like this!"

No, she definitely didn't like the separation, but once she settled down enough to eat a bite of grass, I figured she was ready to be comforted by anything or anyone instead of Angel.  So I went in, and she came right to me to be patted.  I saddled and haltered her, went through our routine, and finally ended up riding her around the round pen.  Being distracted by Angel's hollering did make things laborious:  It took 14 runs through the same exercise to get Brandy to step her rump around beside me on the mounting ladder with just my hand in the air as her cue (instead of tapping her rump with the training stick!)  But she finally did it!  She's out there eating in the round pen now, and Angel seems to be the only one who's still upset.  Ahh, faithful mother love!

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