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Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Crime in the Country (or Murder in the Meadow)

Here's the promised story--a true-life crime story.  We will let the prosecutor tell the story.  You, dear reader, are both judge and jury.
Exhibit 1 is a photograph of one of the victims.  Note his wide-eyed innocence, completely unsuspecting of the fate that is about to befall him.
Exhibit 2 shows both the crime scene and the defendants.  This bucolic setting will soon become the scene of a grisly massacre perpetrated by these seemingly normal, but completely sociopathic, people!
Exhibit 3 shows defendant Herb Lea actually committing one of 23 counts of homicide, two of which he committed himself.  This is no paltry crime.  No, it is a poultry felony!  Note the weapon in the defendant's left hand and the use of a barbaric restraint to prevent the victim from struggling.
Exhibit 4 shows defendant Herb Lea scalding a victim in 130° water in an attempt to destroy DNA evidence.  You must not be misled when you hear his ridiculous defense that he was trying to make it easier to pluck the victim's feathers.  How many victims has he fleeced, like hapless sheep to the slaughter?  (Objection!  That's the wrong kind of farm!)  (Sustained.)
Exhibit 5 actually shows the headless victim being plucked of its feathers as the defendant holds it against the battering fingers of an electric plucker.  Does this not constitute cruel and unusual treatment?
Exhibit 6 shows defendant Susan Lea stripping every last feather from another victim.  Note the lack of emotion on her face.
Exhibit 7 shows defendant Herb Lea again, also with a complete lack of remorse (evidence of his sociopathic personality) about to eviscerate a victim.  Note the running water to wash away evidence of the crime.
Exhibit 8 shows the feet of one recently murdered victim awaiting the butcher's knife, while defendant Susan Lea, in the rear, evinces a rare moment of emotion as she guts another victim.
Exhibit 9 clearly displays the hardened nature of the defendant as he mockingly eviscerates another victim.
Exhibit 10 shows defendant Susan Lea, void of all humanity, actually smiling as she washes away the last trace of blood from a victim.
Advisory:  Exhibit 11 is graphic and violent.  A triumphant criminal hoists the butchered corpse of a victim aloft.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, in the face of this shocking and incontrovertible evidence, we ask you to find both of these defendants guilty on all counts.
The verdict for both defendants:  Guilty on all counts!

The sentence:
Hard labor for life, served concurrently.  In other words:
"The family that slays together, stays together."
The moral of this case, United States v. Chickamauga Chicken Massacre, is:

When your mother told you to be careful about sticking your neck out, she knew what she was talking about!


  1. Thanks for the fabulous pictures, Jenny--all 669 of them! They make great exhibits! :) You can tell shadowing you in court is wearing off on me!

  2. For once, I'm soooooo glad your blog displays only small size pictures!

  3. J'ai lu avant le repas, Jenny !!!
    Il reste encore des poules après ce massacre ?
    Et est-ce qu'elles étaient bonnes au moins ?

  4. Jean-Marc, I have all 669 on my computer so you can see them in living color--I mean, dead color--on my extra-large computer screen! LOL

    Désolée, Kathleen! J'espère que tu n'avais pas le poulet au menu! Nous ne connaissions pas du tout ces gens avant ce jour-là (sauf le monsieur avec la chemise rouge qui nous vend de la terre pour le jardin). Quand il m'a dit au téléphone qu'ils allaient faire la boucherie, j'ai proposé de les aider. Il était ravi car il déteste le travail, et il avait même embauché un homme pour tuer les poules. Donc les 2 autres couples partageaient les 23 poules entre eux. Je n'attendais pas du tout à partir avec quoi que ce soit sauf quelques astuces et un peu d'expérience pour le jour que nous ferons pareil. Nous avons été étonnés de passé un temps si agréable avec ces gens très gentils--et encore plus quand la femme du marchand nous a donné deux poules! Il faut les laisser 48 heures au frigo avant de les congéler ou manger. Alors, je ne peux pas te dire si elles sont bonnes--bien sûr, je "posterai" la suite sur mon blog! Peut-être avec un photo plus agréable! :)

  5. It appears that in some of the exhibits the defendant Herb Lea attempted to disguise himself with dark glasses?
    Great job, Susan!
    Bruce thought it was a real "hoot"!

  6. You can tell the prosecutor is on the ball and wasn't fooled by Herb's disguise! Haha, Bruce! Thanks, Barbara, I must say I actually made myself laugh--not to crow about it! :)

  7. Mom didn't even post the most gory artistic ones!! I love the one of the bright red drops on the back splash behind the orange cones...! No really, the entire process was clean, almost clinical, and not at all smelly or horrible. It's just food. Eat...or be eaten. I'd rather eat. Thank you.

  8. It's better being at the top of the food chain, isn't it? :)


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