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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Vegging Out & Freaking Out

Just wanted to keep you "currant" on the progress of my garden.
It's coming along "berry" well!
Everything's growing so much that some of the plants are looking a little "squashed."
This one's hard to "beet" for color!
This little blossom is wondering, "To pea or not to pea, that is the question."

P.S.  In case you're wondering how the horses' umbilical cord is doing, here's the answer:
While I was punning in the garden, I heard whinnying and thundering hooves, so I looked over the hill--and there was Angel galloping back and forth along the fence, hollering her head off.
After 5 minutes of this without a sound from Brandy, I got worried she might have been stolen again and I went down the hill to check.  There she was at the far end of her pasture, enjoying a munch in the shade and completely unfazed by Angel's to-do.
I must have disturbed Brandy's reverie, and suddenly--as if she heard Angel for the first time--she set off galloping down the field towards her mom.
Hero couldn't resist a race, but he almost didn't get away!  All he needs is to be trampled by Brandy, because he's been in distress all night pawing at his mouth and salivating.  His nose is covered in mud, and we guess he dug up something that didn't want to be dug up!  I'm not too worried, though, if he feels this good!

So in case watching a garden grow isn't exciting enough for you, we're sure to have something more dramatic to keep you amused!


  1. I can't wait to try out my new Mother's Day camera with the telephoto lens!


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