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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kinda Rough! (Saturday)

Herb and I were having breakfast on the back porch Saturday morning when I picked up my camera to try out the telephoto lens.  The bird I wanted to catch flew away, so I caught Herb instead.  He said, "Hmph!  There's no privacy around here!"  "No privacy?  Hah!  I'll show you what no privacy looks like. . ."
Now THAT'S no privacy!  Poor Herb!  It's pretty rough, living with me!
Later that morning I took Jenny and Jean-Marc on a trail ride on Angel.  We were going to take Brandy, too, but she was lying down in her stall when I went to get her, and she didn't even get up when I went in and patted her.  I figured if she was that tired, she deserved a day of rest after yesterday.  Not everyone has it rough around here!  Hero and Zephyr came along, and of course her little legs couldn't keep up.  She was following us at a distance looking draggy, so guess what happened?

Some people don't know what "rough" means!  Zephyr rode in style with both Jenny and Jean-Marc and got quite comfortable doing it!  When she wasn't riding, she did walk a little, but not that much.  It was so hot and we all felt so sorry for her.  As Jenny panted along carrying Zephyr, she said, "Zephyr, if I wasn't thinking about all the calories I'm burning up doing this, you would be walking!"
Jenny's conclusion was that next time we do this, we're locking Zephyr in the house!  Now that WILL be rough!  Of course, the other option is to get her a pony!  She might have to share it with Charis, and that would be rough, but at least she could ride in style!


  1. Sounds like you are all having a lot of fun! My ox-eye daisies are just starting to bloom too! We are finally getting some rain here--it has been soooo dry--even my oregano wilted last week! There is no way we can keep up with watering--just had to wait for the Lord to send rain! :)

  2. Yes, thankfully we got some rain, too! I had been watering the garden with the drip hoses I installed, but that's a slow way to get the whole thing watered because I can only do a bit at a time. Thank the Lord for the rain!

  3. Zeph, Zeph, we love you crazy doggy!


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