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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Stre-e-e-e-tching the Umbilical Cord

Two horses were eating the lower pasture down more than one cow could eat the back pasture.  So yesterday I put Angel in with Sara (because Brandy chases poor Sara).  This morning they were looking over their fences at each other with only the road in between them, but by the time I got outside with my camera at 9:30, they had both moved a little ways off to graze.
A few minutes later, Brandy headed off toward the far end of her pasture.  For some reason, she LOVES the front end of that pasture and would spend all her time in the orchard at the very front if it wasn't currently fenced off.  At this point, the umbilical cord hadn't started to stretch enough to hurt Angel!
I keep looking out to see how things are going.  They're going fine for Brandy who has disappeared from sight!  But Angel looks set to lose some of her excess weight, as she keeps pacing the fence, then stands there gazing over it in the direction Brandy disappeared--an hour and a half later!  Who would think an umbilical cord would hurt that much almost four years later!  It will be interesting to see what happens when I bring Brandy up to the barn for a lesson . . .


  1. . . . What happened was that Brandy was a bit jumpy and distracted during her lesson, got pushy with me until I worked her back and forth changing directions fast, then settled down and behaved very well. Angel, on the other hand, never stopped gaiting up and down along the fence line for almost an hour. I guess that was worth a few pounds! When I turned Brandy loose, she galloped down to Angel, but took a couple seconds to kick at Hero and then try to run over him, so I guess she hadn't been too heartbroken! Then they both paced up and down along the fence as if to say, "I feel for you, but I just can't reach you!" Life is so hard!

  2. Ha! Aren't you glad you had four KIDS not horselings? lol


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