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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bloom Where You Are Planted

I spent the afternoon at our old house making sure it's clean for a second showing tomorrow.  I love the combination of stained glass showing through lace curtains!  I do love that house!   I don't miss Lookout Mountain, though!  The neighbors were using our driveway to park their SUV when I got there, someone has kicked a hole in our wooden garage door (according to the police), and someone is occasionally using our lovely patio for parties and leaving beer cans laying around.  The policemen were nice, though.

My native wildflower garden on the side of the house is blooming nicely, and I got to enjoy one of my all-time favorite flowers, Virginia bluebells.  I think I need to plant some in our woods here in Georgia!
And Kallimera (her name means "welcome" in Greek) is as happy as ever in the front yard, gazing contentedly on the carpet of creeping phlox whose motto seems to be "Bloom where you are planted!"  It's so pretty you hardly even notice the weeds!  I would love to bring Kallimera here, but have no idea how we'd transport her hefty 300 lb. weight!  So I guess she'll just have to stay where she is.


  1. Oh Mom, the flowers are beautiful!:-) I bet you miss that home! And ahhhh, so sorry to hear about the vandalism etc...not classy at all, for mountain folk!

  2. One thing, being there made me realize I want to bring Kalimera to the new house. I know just the spot for her in the woods behind the house. She will love being a sylvan sprite!


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