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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Soldiering On

The newspaper said today that the last day we saw the sun peek out of the clouds was Feb. 1.  That was the day I lost my Precious, and the days truly have been dark and gray since then.  It's as if there is a heavy pall over every day.  I still wake up with terrible visions of her, and I still cry for her every day.  I haven't felt at all like picking up my camera, but today I finally did it--more as an exercise of determination than in any spirit of delight.  My recompense follows.

The past two days I've taken the horses out to graze, but they are still full of pent-up energy.  With the thermometer at 24° this morning plus snow flurries and a freezing wind, I knew they'd be full of it.  If Brandy looks mean and crabby instead of exuberant, the next picture explains why.

Hero considers it his duty to chase the horses, barking wildly, if they run when I turn them loose.  Neither of them likes dogs anyway, and he is certainly no Canine Goodwill Ambassador!

This amazing frozen puddle was too intriguing to pass up.

 And last, but not least, my sweet little Peekaboo.  He has had a thing about these books for quite awhile now, knocking them out of the bookcase every chance he has.  I have joked about his literary tastes, but when I looked at the photo fullscreen on my computer, I had to laugh.  When I quipped that he thinks he's a vampire, I had no idea how true that was!


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  2. Hey, thanks for posting. I was just thinking about writing a note on your wall asking for another post ;-) Glad you're back at it. I hope the sun comes out soon, literally and figuratively. Love you! And re: the last picture....Awww, Little Peeka-rhoo! He's so cute!

  3. Cute is as cute does! Ask Kara: He must have been in his vampire mode last night because he was up on the ottoman with her & bit her fluffy-socked toe!

  4. these are great pictures! thanks for sharing your gift!! love, monique

  5. I think Peekaboo must have been in my house recently--the books on our shelves look like that, too!! Hmmmmmm. . .


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