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Saturday, February 20, 2010

February 20, 2010 A Charis Kind of Day

What is a Charis kind of day?
Sunny, warm, and filled with interesting things to do:
Watching the chickens,
Playing with Zephyr,
Picking up rocks,
Playing "he loves me, he loves me not" with a pine-cone,
Dragging your feet in the gravel to listen to the sound as you walk, and
Sitting in the grass absorbing the sun while looking cute!

It means you walk all the way from the barn, down the hill to the lower pasture, halfway across the pasture to see the horses, back to the gate, all the way down the road to the back pasture, halfway across the pasture to the cabin, and then over to the pond!  In other words, you walk half a mile all by yourself and refuse to be carried, accepting only a fingerhold on Grandma's hand!  It means you're a little trouper!

It means you giggle when you get kisses.

It means that after that long walk to the back pasture, you're still ready to tackle the big hill!  (Although no one could blame you if you got distracted from your goal by trying to feed hay to Zephyr!)

And finally, it means you're broken-hearted at having to be carried back to the house by Grandpa--but you forgive him when he takes you out to play in the leaves after lunch.  It also means you're ready for a third outdoor adventure after your nap.  And it probably means you'll sleep well tonight!


  1. How delightful!! I hope the leaves were good and dry so Charis could enjoy the crunching sound they made. I love to walk in dry leaves in the fall.:) Barbara

  2. Really cute! Sounds like a wonderful carefree day, just perfect. Wish I could be a child again too lol

  3. I love the pic of her walking up the hill! Really really cool!

  4. Jenny, if you follow Charis around for long, you can't help but get cool pictures! She has such a cool little personality and such a cool approach to life! :) Barbara, I hope the leaves were good and dry, too, because Herb and Charis were covering and uncovering her with them! Fortunately, we haven't had rain for 10 days, so that helped make it a perfect day to be outside. Jenny, next time you're here, I'm sure Dad would be glad to cover you up with leaves if you'd like! :)


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