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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tuesday's Photo

Since Jenny & Jean-Marc really came to visit us because he wanted to see the cow :)  it seemed like we ought to get over to the farm where she has gone to be artificially inseminated.  So we ran over there this morning to let them meet her.  Sara followed Matthew, the barn manager, down a long hill to meet us.  Or to be strictly accurate, she followed the bucket Matthew was holding.  She was much more interested in the feed that came out of the bucket than in her extended family who had come to meet her!  But Jenny and Jean-Marc were suitably impressed by how small she is, even if Sara didn't seem impressed at having visitors all the way from Virginia.  After all, that can hardly compare with having a bull come all the way from Colorado!


  1. Ummmm, I think if I were a cow, I'd prefer a visit and a pat from JM from VA than a straw in my hind from a bull in CO!

  2. I'm not touching this comment with a 10' pole!


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